End of Life Care

We’re your partner on this journey.

Quality of life consultations, hospice care, and in-home euthanasia are some of the services offered for your elderly or terminally ill pet. It’s all about making them, and you, comfortable.

We are there for you and we are filled with empathy for what you are going through. There is no judgment, only compassion in our hearts and we feel honored that you have chosen us to take that path with you.

We are dedicated to helping ease the end of life decisions you face for your beloved pets. Our four-legged children are best friends and constant companions. Facing life without them can feel undeniably overwhelming.

Ensuring that our pets’ end of life is filled with love, comfort and peace can help us through this upsetting time.

In-home quality of life consultations:

We come to your home to help you evaluate your pet’s quality of life and discuss what options are available to help him or her. If your pet is dealing with declining health, options may be available to help keep him/her comfortable.

Individual pets can react differently to the changes in their bodies as they get closer to the end of their lives. Some have terminal illnesses that are fast and furious (like unresponsive heart failure or an internal bleed, for example), while others have long drawn out chronic illnesses (like severe arthritis and many cancers, for example).

After a thorough assessment, we can discuss all options and help make decisions that are best for you and your pet.

In-home veterinary hospice care:

Our veterinarians can offer ways to improve the last moments that you may share with your pet. There are many modalities that can improve their comfort and potentially help ease their older days, months, or years. We can provide nursing care in your home, medications and laser therapy to help relieve pain and anxiety, and diagnostics to help treat pain and discomfort better.

In-home euthanasia:

Because that’s what we want for our own pets: a peaceful and painless death.

What to expect:

  • A calm arrival and discussion about the process of euthanasia, your worries and expectations, and any specific questions you may have.
  • Any consent form or payment (if not already done) can be finalized.
  • A preemptive sedation so your pet can relax and slip into sleep as undisturbed and comfortably as possible
  • A final injection for euthanasia, the last act of love
  • Aftercare transport for cremation if desired.
  • Keepsakes available: clay paw print, small lock of fur, or other options can be discussed prior, during, or after euthanasia.

We understand your sorrow and take the time to walk you through all the steps needed to give your pet his/her final relief.

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Some after-hour home visits may be available for an additional fee, please call. For life-threatening emergencies or if you need immediate assistance, click here for information on local 24-hour hospitals

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