Like humans, our pets need additional attention and care as they age. While dogs are good and letting you know something is wrong, cats are the opposite. Cats are masters of hiding pain or health issues, and that’s why it’s important to make sure your cat is getting semi-annual exams from a member of the MojoVet team.

Of course, veterinary visits are not the only thing you can do to keep your cat happy and healthy. We have some tips that you can use at home to ensure your pet’s prolonged health.

  1. Keep your cat on a good schedule for check-ups. During wellness exams, we’ll do a full nose-to-tail exam so we can find even the smallest hint that something may be wrong. This also allows us to get a good baseline of your pet’s overall health over time.
  2. Stay on top of your pet’s care at home. No one knows them better than you, and it’s important that you’re able to let us know when something changes or doesn’t seem right.
  3. We’re always happy to discuss nutrition and diet with you, and to make sure your cat’s diet stays up-to-date with their age and medical history.
  4. Keep an eye on your pet’s weight! Obesity can lead to numerous health problems and may shorten your cat’s life.
  5. Make sure to keep your cat active and energized. Getting your pet on a regular exercise routine will help preserve muscle tone and keep bones and joints strong.
  6. Dental health is just as important as they age. Even senior cat’s need their teeth cleaned by a veterinarian annually, and it’s also important to brush their teeth at home on a regular basis.
  7. Vaccination schedules start when your cat is young and follows and protects them through their entire life. Make sure that your cat is on a strict vaccination schedule, even as they get older.
  8. Flea control is important for your cat throughout all stages of their life. Make sure yo keep the areas they frequent clean, and always remain proactive in controlling fleas with medication.
  9. Watch those nails! Senior cats are prone to inactivity, so it’s important that you inspect your cat’s nails on a regular basis and trim them when necessary. We’re always happy to assist with this.
  10. Most importantly, give your cat plenty of love and attention – the keys to a healthier and more fulfilling life for your senior cat!

We’re here to help your cat throughout all stages of their lives, and we look forward to building a partnership with you in doing just that. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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