As the kids head back to school, whether online or in-person, they’re likely overjoyed to be learning something new! Your pets will also enjoy engaging in new activities while their play buddies are hard at work. The team here at MojoVet Mobile has put together three ways that you can send your furry pal back to school! 


#1: Enroll your dog in a sporting class

Enrolling your pet in a class that caters to their natural behaviors is an excellent way to motivate them to learn new activities. For example, search for a dock-diving club for your water-loving Labrador, or an agility class for your nimble border collie. 


#2: Join an online training class for your pet

During these times of social distancing, and canceled in-person classes, turn to online training courses. Rather than sticking with a favorite local trainer, branch out, and explore new virtual options. Your feline friend can also join in the fun by attending an online training session that is not available in your area. 


#3: Clicker-train your pet

You can also teach your four-legged pal new tricks in an at-home schooling session. Brush up on your clicker-training skills, and encourage your pet to gain confidence, and the ability to think independently. Entice your pooch to exercise their mental capacities by playing the game “101 Things to Do with a Box”—your cat can also participate, especially if they’re a typical feline who loves boxes. No matter what you’re teaching, each session will build a stronger, deeper bond with your cherished companion.


Engaging in ongoing training will help keep your pet’s mind sharp, further develop social skills, and maintain a healthy weight. However, before you enroll your furry pal in an exciting new activity or course, ensure they are current on necessary vaccinations—please contact us to schedule an appointment.